See Governors Island’s Hidden Past

Lisa Kereszi will be at the Admiral’s House on Sunday at 1:30 to show her incredible images of the Island. (photo by Lisa Kereszi)
This weekend features two great talks in the Admiral’s House. On Saturday at 1:30 PM, authors Sharon Seitz and Stuart Miller will share the history of Governors Island and what they learned about all of the “other” islands while they were writing their book “The Other Island’s of New York City.” Test your knowledge of the City’s islands with an interactive quiz – the winner gets to take home a signed copy of their book!
On Sunday, join Lisa Kereszi as she returns to Governors Island to show many of the photos that she took for the Public Art Fund in 2003-2004 when the Island was largely abandoned. She will feature many of her photos and talk about what it was like to discover these spaces on the Island. After her talk, those who attend her talk will be invited to tour the South Battery and the Liggett Hall gym, which are normally closed to visitors.
So come out to the Island this weekend and experience a little of the Island’s past as well as its future!

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