Take a Trip to the 1920’s This Weekend

The Jazz Age Lawn party is back this weekend!

Governors Island will be transformed into the roaring 1920’s on Saturday and Sunday when Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra return for the Jazz Age Lawn party.

Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra will cast a magical spell of hot jazz and open-air merriment that will delight the whole family. This Jazz-Age Lawn party brings you back in time to the 1920s for a rollicking and delightful afternoon rendezvous of live music and dance, instruction in period dances, picnicking, and games. This event requires tickets. They are $7 in advance or $10 on Governors Island.

Some of the featured activities include:

  • Parade of Hats
  • 1920’s vintage motor car exhibition
  • Charleston lessons
  • Pie recipe context

and much more!


18 Responses

  1. […] Tucked away on an island off the southern tip of Manhattan is a bygone world brought back to life in the most roaring fashion with finger waves and pie contests, afternoon cocktails amidst the charleston, Model T’s and parasols under the enchanting tunes of Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra…This is the Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest […]

  2. is there a place to stay over night on Governor’s Island for the event?

    • There is no lodging on Governors Island but the first public ferry runs at 10 AM and the last one off is at 7 PM. Looking forward to seeing you on the Island!

  3. hello, I was wondering when the next Jazz Age Festival was gonna take place. I would really love to make the next event. thank you

  4. […] שבת שעבר, במסגרת אירועי הקיץ, התקיימה מסיבת ג’אז קלה על כר דשא ב- Governors Island אי קטנטן דרומית למנהטן. הנושא היה […]

  5. […] שבת שעבר, במסגרת אירועי הקיץ, התקיימה מסיבת ג’אז קלה על כר דשא ב Governors Island אי קטנטן דרומית למנהטן. הנושא היה […]

  6. We attended this jazz fest on Saturday, Aug 20th; it was our first experience. After traveling 2 hrs, via car and then ferries from Staten Island, we were disappointed in the way things were organized. Everything involved waiting on lines beginning with the general admission, despite already being pre-paid, waiting lines to first buy lunch tickets and then another line to get the food ( over 1 hr total wait in the grueling sun), lines for beverages (already prepaid) We avoided drinking too much b/c we faced more lines for the bathroom. We spent so much time on lines that little dancing was done. The only good thing was the continuous sound of wonderful jazz music to pass the time as we waited…waited….and waited! The organizers of this event need to find a better system for quickly moving its guests through the venues; perhaps more staff at each activity would help and prepaid patrons should not have to wait in line with those who pay as they go for admission and drinks.

    At the end of the day I was also disappointed at those individuals who chose to cut the ferry line rather than wait their turn like most of the respectful individuals there. At one point I approached two #$@&* men who cut in and voiced my complaint…they moved to the back. I know this is NY but …hey guys…let’s be civilized and respectful of each others space. It could mean someone else doesn’t get aboard b/c your body added to the head count limit allowed. That poor other person now has to wait for another ferry; you wouldn’t want someone doing that to you….So let’s stay honest and do the right thing….take your proper place in line!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you had a tough time at the festival. We will be sure to forward your comments on to the event organizer so they are aware of the situation and can better plan for the future. Many thanks again and I do hope you will be able to come back to the Island for another visit in the future.

  7. I went to the Aug 20, 2011 Jazz age party. Overall, it was a great delight to see wonderfully clad people in their jazz age theme and listen to the fabulous live band. I would definitely go again and be more ready by bringing a picnic blanket and prolly bringing my own lunch.

    However, the organization or administration needed a bit more improvement with traffic controlling. There needs to be more signs to direct to open entrances– there were actually three entrances. Most people thought there was only one and we saw people lined up almost half a mile long whereas another line only had 10 people.

    Also, there were three people sitting at the entrance table and they were oblivious to the long lines and not getting people in quick. They took their time chatting and fumbling and one person crossing off names manually looking up a list of names while the other two people were doing nothing .(You can divide name lists among three people and find a name faster that way.) In other words, they took all day to just let one person in. I can’t say all of the tables were mismanaged but the third, farthest entrance with the shortest line had some inefficient people sitting there.

    I had to buy tickets for drinks and food and the stand in another line to order the food. I felt like my time was spent waiting in lines for half the time I was there. My 10 dollar chicken salad with fruit as a side dish lunch was pretty good which included a nice pineapple pie. My lemonade was tasty until I realized the lady didn’t even check the cup before she filled it up.I had a small pile of tree leaves and dirt at the bottom of my cup. How disgusting! With all the ice, I didn’t see it until I finished my drink. She was the girl at the beer/ lemonade place. Shame on you for giving me a 4 dollar lemonade with dirt in it. I’m assuming you haven’t served drinks outdoors before.

    Next time, I will be attending the jazz age lawn party, but I will not be using the vendor services, unless I need bottled water or dessert.

    • Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your visit to the Jazz Age Lawn party over the weekend and I apologize that aspects of your visit were difficult. We will definitely let the event organizers know of your comments so they can be sure to make the event the best it can be in the future. Many thanks and I hope you have a chance to visit again soon.

  8. I was there this past June – you can see some of my event photography here: http://www.ritarosephotography.com/blog/back-to-the-1920s/

  9. […] festa Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest aconteceu recentemente em Manhattan, com o intuito de celebrar os anos […]

  10. […] summer party inspiration… aka our favorite party of the year that we’ve never been to: the Jazz Age Lawn Party of course! All shot by the very lovely Jamie […]

  11. […] Sorry, I couldn’t resist…! it is however a really nicely styled image from the Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest. […]

  12. […] York, New York The Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest looks like a honey of a time! photo via From Me To […]

  13. […] Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest was last weekend in New York. This 1920′s themed party included a hat parade, pie recipe […]

  14. I would really LOVE to learn the Charleston and some off the other dances of the decade. Please post some pictures of the event and maybe some of the pie recipies.. P.S.. Can u please say hi 2 Miss Molly 4 me..

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